Couple of issues.

Couple of questions, I’ve been working with Unrealed 4 for 1 week now, fulltime, and I have a lot of issues.

  1. After installing UnrealEd, I messed around with the FirstPersonStartUp scene and probably accidentally overwritten it or maybe even deleted it, I cant find it. Is there any way or any where i can re-download standard levels/maps? If not, perhaps a good suggestion to the development team to put these online for download so that people can mess around with the basic maps without having to worry about ruining them.

  2. I have no idea what I have done but somehow when creating water yesterday I accidentally renamed the primitive box brush into “bath_water” and when I drag it into the map, nothing happens, no box is created, is there anyway to get this back. (Also, why are primitives editable?)


  1. Somehow in my scene duplicates appear randomly.


In image one, an object is selected but contains nothing, in object 2 the actual object is selected. And as you can see in the list the same thing is for towel (and a lot of other objects as well) Does unrealed generate empty objects automatically? is this a setting im not aware of?

  1. I make my models in max in realworlds sizes 1 mm = 1 mm, however when I import my objects into unrealed by using FBX exported files, my objects become huge and I have to scale them back down. Ive googled this and put both softwares units the same but keep having this problem.

Sorry for the complaints, i used unrealed for UT99 extensively back in the days and it felt so much easier before, plus the GUI for ued4 feels overcomplicated and unlogical at times.


  1. you can just recreate the project → open the launcher - click on the big yellow button - choose template - go into the project - migrate everything that you want into your own project. Or in the content browser you can click onto import - I dont know the exact expression, but there you should see something with “add” at the top of the list - choose what you want (e.g starter content,…)
  2. It’s difficult to say what could be wrong, but you surely copied it -> ctrl + d = duplicates it or it could be that it’s another mesh that you accidentally placed
  3. make sure that you also export the mesh with the right settings (in the export window you should be abel to choose cm) :slight_smile:
  1. Could you please explain in a little more detail? Because where do I choose the template? As soon as I press the yellow button and load the UNREALeditor it already starts with a level or scene that is completely black:

  1. So CM would be the preferable unit setting for both softwares (max and unrealed)? I work in max with mm. I thought this wouldnt be an issue.

New question:
5. I created some static meshes from a BSP today and I see that all these meshes have 2 material elements.

And after putting a normal material (only color) in both slots I get this (see above screenshot) as a result after building the lighting. Ive forced the overridden lightmap res to (1024) but it doesnt change anything. Any ideas what this might be causing it?

Also is there a way to have 1 material element? By removing the second one or something? no idea how to delete 1 material element.

Ah! Found the answer to #1. I was selecting “new level” the entire time, I was suppose to pick. “New Project” instead. Ok glad that is solved, now the rest :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Yep, use cm :slight_smile:
  2. as far as I know it’s a bug in one of the version. So whch version do you use? -> but I will have to check it in my link list

im using version 4.7.5-2503383

I’m not 100% sure what causes this problem, but make sure that you use the right uv channel for the material -> set the light map coordinate index to something else :slight_smile: (currently searching for the thread with the same problem -> Tim posted an answer to it)