Counter-attack system. Action game / Melee combat template v2.

Hello everyone.

I am very pleased to present you my melee combat template with counter-attack system like in Shadow of Mordor or Mad Max.

Finally, I finished work on the upgrade for Action Game Template.

Now with enemy AI, new sword animations, new HUD, reaction animations and counter attack system.

Three Modes:

  • 1 - With Rifle
  • 2 - With Sword
  • 3 - Without weapons
    In the meantime you can buy it on:**

- Sellfy (Accept Paypal):
**- Gumroad ****(Accept credit cards): **

You’ll get zip file (compatible with UE 4.10.2). This is a good start for your action,
third person shooter or slasher game.

**This is what you get: **

  • Counter-attack system
  • Free updates
  • Enemy AI
  • Car blueprint
  • Blueprints with comments
  • Health/Damage System
  • HUD - Weapons with Ammo Counter, health counter
  • Switch Weapons - 3 Modes:
  • 1 - Rifle
  • 2 - Sword
  • 3 - Without weapons
  • Enemies with ragdoll physics
  • Sword combo
  • Sword animations
  • Roll system
  • bullets with particle effects

How melee system works:

**Skype **- lexdvis7
**e-mail **-

I forgot to put [SUBMITTED] in title

Looks pretty sweet Alex!
Is is this a brand new template, separate from your other one?

It’s a big update. I add many new features.

New melee combat system was created from scratch.

same question as Demrok , but need more clarification…is this suppose to be sold outside of version 1/1.1 ?? i purchased the first version…so i would have to buy this “update” as well?

No. Updates if free. I will send new version on this week to everyone who bought version 1/1.1

sounds good just wanted to make sure, thanks for the response!

Bitande how did you use the foot attack, can not get it work, and the update is great as allways thanks

You are the man! This is a huge update, well done!

@fhl41 when the enemy runs close to your character you will see the Right Click icon flash, and you have to right click at that moment to get a counter.

Had not checked this thread since I asked my original question and I got an email this morning saying I had a download available for the new update!
I jumped out of bed and cheered as I ran to my PC lol
After playing with it a bit, I must say GREAT improvements! Cleaner Attack combo, the counter is pretty sweet and now that you changed it to COMPLETELY Blueprint, that’s just awesome…

Well done Alex :slight_smile:

I’m going to be merging this with the ARPGIS from Vanguard Interactive
Stay tuned :smiley:

Demrok, Thank you very much :smiley:
Glad you liked it

@bitande - You’ve done a AWESOME job with this update.

Going have some serious fun with this! :slight_smile:

Hi @bitande

Works in multiplayer\Steam ?

The weapons work as child classes containing complete functionality, which can be duplicated and modified in details panel?

This same weapons can be attached in any player character or bot like a lootable/collectable item, like in UT Game?

You are using spawners for weapons and Ammo.

It is blueprint only or has C ++?

The Blueprint nodes are well commented and organized? Everything follows the convention and nomenclature proposed by EPIC.

If everything is … Surely I really want this veeeeeeeeery muuuuuuuch? Today!!!

This has a expected price to Epic’s Marketplace?

answered to email

Sale 65% off

Now only 10$.

- Sellfy (Accept Paypal):
**- Gumroad ****(Accept credit cards): **Action game / Melee combat - v2. Counter-attack system. Unreal Engine 4

Hi, the AI enemies are sliding towards you, not in sync with animation. It is foot skating. Is there a way to change to locomotion?

Have you kept this updated for the latest versions?