Count Down Timer works find in listen server but not working at client side

Hi everyone, I am struggling with the timer count down right now, it works fine in the listen server, but on the client side, the count down is still the default value. Like the picture below.

I create the Timer logic in “My Game Mode BP” like this:

I first create the variable called Count Timer, then I set the value of it and call theSet Timer by Event for each second.

The count down timer reduces Count Timer variable by one and this event is running on server and checked reliable.

Then I try to set the Count Timer variable in my widget. I create the widget in My Game Instance so I use this reference to get access to the variable and let the widget show the correct number. The event is multicast and reliable

When the count down is zero, I pause the game and show the game end widget, but the client side is not showing the widget.

For SetupTimerWidget and GameEnd events, I tried checking the multicast and run on owning client with reliable, but both are not working. I also tried to set both variables Counter Timer in my game mode and widget to replicated, but not working.

I am stuck here, and hope someone can help me a lit bit, hope I explain things clearly.


GameMode class does not replicate to clients. You want to use something like GameState for your multicast events instead.

Thank you very much, that helps a lot.