Count amount of hours spend in game on steam?

Hi. I would like to make a steam achievement for spending 50 hours in game. How can this be done? Should game get access to how much time user spent on steam (there is a counter) somehow ? Please explain! Thanks! Also is there a way to get user’s pc time to create an achievement for playing the game in nighttime? Thanks!

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I’m not really into the thing with Steam. But aren’t you able to write and read progress on Steam Archivements? And check this with some kind of a Ping request against the steam service every minute or so to determinate if you are playing in while you are logged in to steam?

Just like checking that you are logged in.


Hi… Yes I am able to write progress on steam achievements. There is a “write achievemenets” block or something like that that can be linked to some action. Could you please advice how to make a ping request?

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To be honest, this is the least of your worries. Get your game sorted first. You can sort the achievement for time spent playing later. Also, try looking in the Steam API to see if Valve already do this tracking for you.

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You can get the **playtime_forever **using GetOwnedGames.

Also, that 50-hour-playtime achievement sucks, sorry. Please don’t do that.

Mine? How do you know? thanks for the link