Couldn't package my project!

apparently only one error in the log.
LogPackageName:Error: DoesPackageExist: DoesPackageExist FAILED: ‘None’ is not a standard unreal filename or a long path name. Reason: Path should start with a ‘/’
I Looked for a solution on forums and everyone talked about default server game mode.
I searched in Project Settings and found somethind called “Default GameMode”
I select my game mode (wich is a custom one, got it from a FPS tutorial) and everything under is grayed.
How can i get rid of that error?

Howdy Pierre,

Would you mind posting this issue on our AnswerHub? You can find the UE4 AnswerHub located here:

Also, if you could follow this template on how to report a bug, this will help to see exactly what you are currently having an issue with: How do I report a bug? - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks and have a great day!

Howdy Sean,

Thanks for the quick answer.
I’m taking note for the next time I ran in a problem to post in the UE4 AnswerHub with more specific information.
I found where my problem came from, it was only because my “Global Default Server GameMode” was set to None.
And I never paid attetion to the tiny dropdown arrow in Project settings.
Since it was the first answer I found, I will just add information to this answer, no need to create anothe one I guess