Couldn't Get StaticMeshComponent Transform

I have an array holding lists of staticmeshcomponent objects (bar1, bar2…) and wanna get its element’s transform property using foreachloop via blueprint to do some transformation but there is only “Get Actor Transform” (only accept param actor), however im looking something like “Get StaticMesh Transform” is it possible? I’ve set scenecomponent as my rootcomponent.

My components structure:


  • bar1

  • bar2

  • bar3

  • bar4

and declared Tarray<'UStaticMeshComponent*> BarList in code.

thank you.

It is working fine. You can get the relative or world transform as shown in the pictures bellow.

hey million thanks! just wonder what’s the differences between relative transform and world transform?

Relative transform is base on local coordinate of the component. In this case the coordinate relative to root component transform.

In case of world transform, no matter the object is a child of a actor or not, the coordinate is relative to (0,0,0) of the main scene (not the scene component of the blueprint) or world.