Couldn't find file for package

I tried to package my project recently. The packaged game seemed to work fine up until a part that required an animation montage to load (that worked fine in the editor). I looked into the log, and I found this:

[2019.04.13-15.48.22:790][333]LogStreaming: Error: Couldn't find file for package /Game/Mannequin/Animations/apokalypto/LedgeClimbMontage requested by async loading code. NameToLoad: /Game/Mannequin/Animations/apokalypto/LedgeClimbMontage

Does anyone know how I would resolve this?

Ok, so after digging through the output log after my build, I realized that it completely ignored the file it was trying to find. To get around this, I added its folder’s directory to the Additional Asset Directories to Cook array in Project Settings > Packaging > Packaging.

thanks. Omg you asked it at 8:25 and replied at 4:20) Weeed

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Since it’s the first question that comes up when i googled my problem, i’ll put it here.

I had the same error message as OP, but in my case it was caused by deletion of some assets, while links still persists somewhere in blueprints(even though i deleted assets from editor).

To identify blueprint in question, you can enable extensive logging by adding next lines to DefaultEngine.ini:


After you know which bp is responsible, open it with editor, File → “refresh all nodes”. Even though broken references doesn’t seems to be in nodes, but somewhere in bp internals, this fixed problem for me.

Happened on ue4.26.

upd: a bit more brutal approach to identify culprit is to search name of missing asset via notepad++'s “Find in files” over the whole project. This time problem was that my montages still kept using removed notify states.