Could you release some Visual Effects tutorials?

Dear Epic,

After watching the ‘Visual Effects’ videos hosted by Zak Parrish and Tim Elek, I’d really love to see a video series detailing the usage of the what seems to be an incredibly versatile tool. It’d be really nice to have a place to quickly and/or easily follow how to set up these effects in a very basic form, like what has already been done for level designing and Blueprint.

Personally, I’d enjoy watching Zak host them most - he has such an amazing energy that gets me excited to try out the things he explains and he explains things very well. However, Tim seems incredibly knowledgable and understandable too, if he could host the show.

It is only a simple request from me - I do not expect it to be fulfilled, but I would at least like to spark the consideration of the idea.

Thank you very much for what you’ve already given us and continue to be Epic,

+1 totally

So right now I’m cooking up some intro lighting and particle stuff. So that will be coming soon. Among other things. :wink:

Thank you Zak.
PS: The Cave was awesome in Beta i studied and wrote down lots of pages from it during beta. Is the new one Extended?

great news :slight_smile:

hey, another amigo. Good to see you, amigo!

Zak, you are doing an awesome job with tutorials, as always have been, keep them coming! The bite size format is excellent.

good to see you too amigo :slight_smile:

Bill will release a tutorial soon, check his site:

…and here it is.