Could you download unreal reflections subway and make a game out of it?

just curious can you download those big free stuff on marketplace and use it as work already done and create a game out of it bu adding in objects and characters etc?

Yes you can, and someone has already used the off road rally example and created a “runner” game using what looks like only free assets and fairly minimal blueprinting.

Yes you can, you can even sell a game that uses free content created by epic. It is a great resource of meshes, materials (simple and very complex) among other things. You can open up one of the demo projects, and migrate the assets over to your own project, from there you can use them as you see fit. :slight_smile:

holy molly LOL I can tell people I created a AAA title with this thing wtf LOL wow

and I can even sell it after and make money this is excellent!!!

Crazy isn’t it? :smiley:

I couldn’t believe it either, back when I switched over here from CryEngine, went from a strictly enforced rule that you cannot use any content made by crytek in a game (even to release it for free), to UE4 where everything they do is to make it easy for anyone who want’s to make a game to actually be able to do it! It got me really exited in the beginning knowing I don’t need to start from absolute 0, you will find more cool little things Epic does as you start learning it too, they are really making an effort to be a company you want to support, which I do! I absolutely love UE4. :slight_smile:

Yes and that 5% is so generous.

Man I just downloaded that subway reflections and ow god its incredible. Dude Unity Free is total trash compared to this, those guys insist graphics mean nothing but I do not buy it at all. Why waste time learning their C# language when UE4 is C++? Those people at Unity told me that Unity is 1000 times better than UE4 because they don’t charge 5%

I kept saying that 5% is charity. Its their only excuse to bash UE4 so I never really bothered with Unity after that. How could anyone hold a valid argument that 5% profits makes UE4 inferior? I mean who in their right mind would have a problem with donating 5% to Epic?

Valve takes what 40% of your profits just to publish your game on steam?

BTW when it says “compiling shaders” seem to take a while for me.

Is that CPU or GPU dependent?

CPU dependent.

Agreed, paying a 5% royalty is nothing, plus you only pay royalties on income over 3,000 per quarter, so technically you can get 12,000 of income per year without paying any royalties. I personally leave my subscription active, it’s the least I can do, they are offering us this engine that would have been unaffordable to nearly everyone here, and opened it up to everyone who’s got $20. :slight_smile:

You also get full source code, you can download the engine and make any modifications you want, add in a new rendering system, integrate a physics package like Havoc, you can do whatever you want.

To use Unity, you basically need to pay $1500 for the pro version if you are planning to actually create a game, the free version has way less features, so in fact, UE4 is cheaper, it’ll cost the same price as the unity pro after 10-11 years.

Anyways, glad you are having fun with it man! Let us know if you ever find yourself in need of assistance. :slight_smile:

Sure thing buddy will do.

I am doing a BSc in Computer Engineering here in the Caribbean so I work on UE4 in my spare time I find it more enjoyable than going to the malls or beaches lol.

And yeah I rather spend $300 on PC upgrades to run UE4 which happens to be a milti million dollar engine rather than $1500 on Unity PRO just to get quarter the features of UE4.

Will let you guys know if I need assistance in anything further, thus far I seem to be covered now :smiley: