Could you add raytracing support for 2D UMG widgets ?

Hi. It would be nice to be able to do raytracing in UMG for UI elements. This could be handy for radial game menus and 2D overlayed minigames. Yes, I know that 3D widgets could be placed in front of the camera, however, doing menus in 2D for this knind of uses seems a better option.

Are you referring to UMG widgets rendered in the game world?

I only ask, as the UMG widgets rendered on the viewport have functions like IsHovered, OnClicked etc.
No need for tracing anything.

Bit confused :frowning:

The question above defines my request. I wish to create a minigame in UMG, overlayed over the main game. In the minigame, you could hit targets by clicking around a circle.
Doing this kind of minigame in UMG would require some sort of ray tracing, as seen in the image. The answer in the above link states that raytracing in UMG is not possible. It would be nice to be possible.

I’ve implemented some simple AABB for widget collision and judging by that experience one can totally make this thing you want just by having core logic in some place outside and use widgets for what they should be used, for VISUAL ONLY.