Could we please get a cell data heatmap in UEFN?

As almost everyone here has had experience building some kind of project, I assume you also have encountered the issue of memory management in some way or another. Since a published map must have less than 100,000 memory in each cell, it’s necessary for most creators to check their projects for nearly-full and overbudgeted cells on a regular basis during the map-making process, particularly in larger projects. Unfortunately, the memory calculation tool that is currently provided only shows whether or not any cell of the project exceeds the 100k data mark or not; even then, it will not show which cell is overbudget if one is found. The only way to find individual cell data use is to check them one at a time in a live-edit session, which is extremely time-consuming and hard to keep track of.

Having stated that, a feature that I, and I assume many other creators, would very much like to see added to UEFN would be a data usage heatmap, similar to the one usable in Fortnite Creative. It would be able to tell creators how much data is used in each cell and update itself when changes are made to the project, giving users a much clearer picture of their current data usage.

I don’t know much about the time and effort it takes to create such new features, but I assume that it would not be too difficult of a task, since there is obviously some way for the current memory calculator tool to measure the data of each cell. It would seem to only require a way to present that information all at once, for each cell, on an overlay of the map; similarly to how a user can preview the cell grid.

Perhaps this feature is already being developed, but if it isn’t, I would highly encourage Epic games to consider developing such, as I believe it would be well-received among the creators that use UEFN.

Thank you, to anyone who reads this.

Thank you for your feedback. While I cannot guarantee a response, I can confirm that this has been forwarded to the appropriate team.