Could we have some basic tutorials please?

Ok i know i’m asking a lot but atm i’m not getting very far. i can add content to a map but i can’t play it.

i must be missing something because the example game works as expected but the default start map doesn’t do anything. eg PiE you can rotate the camera but not move it.

just a simple get you going tutorial would help.

or a list of users that could chat with each other and help together

Strange, a new project lets me move around with WASD, no jumping though (probably to be expected).

just tried a brand new project (no code) then play from here still nothing just rotate the camera

In the current build, if you create a new project with C++ code, then there is a Character object created by default. The Character class provides basic player movement and collision. Without a Character, there is not logic for player movement, so you are kind of stuck. We’re planning to change this for a future release, so that you can at least pilot a camera around.
For now, if you don’t opt to create C++ code, you’ll need to setup a Character yourself using Blueprints, or add C++ code for it manually. We’ll probably change how this works later.

thanks Mike that’s what i thought might of happened. any chance of a quick run through on making a Character blueprint.

or i bite the bullet download VS express and see if that helps

  1. Create Two Blueprints; one with GameInfo as parent and One with Character as parent.
  2. Open the GameInfo blueprint and set the Character Blueprint as the Default Pawn Class in the Blueprint Defaults.
  3. Set the GameInfo blueprint as the Default Gametypes for the map.
  4. Play the map and you should be able to move in addition to looking around.

thanks Jeff that worked a treat, i have now an idea of where this is going, time to do more digging after i complete the tutorial :slight_smile:

trying to get my head around the animtree replacement system eg the vimblueprint + eventgraph + animgraph + blendspaces. its just not going no where. looking at this page i can’t find the nodes “Actor” ‘GetVelocity’ or “Actor” ‘GetActorRotation’ , please don’t quote from the example game as that confuses me even more

The menu for placing nodes is context-sensitive. Just right-clicking doesn’t show you all possible nodes. What you see depends on what kind of pin you drag off of. The other option is to use the Palette (open from the Window menu) which will show every node available.

Thanks Jeff, slowly getting the hang of it, not sure if i have the right nodes but the colours match. Not for the faint hearted , i do think this is more for the programmers and not for the artist types.
my character now moves/animates not perfect but on the way

Hey George,

If you have any suggestions of ways it could be made easier or more intuitive, please post a new question with those. I’m sure better documentation will help some, but we would love to hear any workflow or UI changes we could make as well.

I am currently working like crazy to get some Starter Kits done.

that’s great to hear James.
i’ve manage so far to get my double doors to rotate open so some progress there, the rest of the time i’m just importing and checking content, also trying to understand all the new stuff :slight_smile: