Could we get all of the Blueprint Tutorials in C++ format too?

I notice in the 4.5 preview notes that there are a lot of tutorials for Blueprint-based systems again, some stuff has C++ equivalents coming soon but not everything.

I realise that it takes more time to put them together, but would it be possible to make equivalent C++ tutorials for everything that exists on the Wiki and Docs pages (Epic content only of course). Is that something that’s eventually planned?

Couldn’t agree more.

C++ examples that match up with Blueprints examples are definitely something that is planned. :slight_smile: In fact, I wanted to make sure I got that note into the preview notes so C++ users knew that shiny new docs were coming their way soon, too. Most of the C++ examples we’ve got so far are longer time investments, like the FPS tutorial, or the video series, while the next docs planned are more along the lines of how-tos, or snippets.

The new gameplay section is aimed at making sure we have examples for both Blueprints and C++, for those places where it makes the most sense. I don’t necessarily want to promise we’ll have 1:1 parity - there may be some things that are easier/more fun/more performant in one implementation over the other, and we always try to recommend best practices. But, we’re very invested in making sure good examples are provided on the code side as well. We’re also working on strategies to keep that code up-to-date, so everyone can be confident using it even as the engine gets even more updates. :slight_smile:

Do you have any ETA for new c++ docs?

I’ve been coding games for 18 years now as a C++ developer and I am loving Blueprint. It is the best visual scripting system I have ever seen, and anybody should really give it a detailed look with nice real-time debugging support including breakpoints. I do intend on using it as much as I can and have been surprised how far I can get with it. Granted, there is totally a place for C++, but I’ve migrated my perspective to C++ should be the exception, not the norm. It is much faster to iterate with Blueprints, once you overcome the daunting learning curve. My biggest complaint with Blueprint so far is a lack of a reference documentation. It seems the intention is for people to discover things but sometimes it’s hard to do that, sometimes even simple things like trying to find a Unitize function for a vector ended up being named Normalize. Not a big deal, but it is easy to miss the obvious sometimes.

Just yesterday I hooked up an asset and when I was setting up the materials, I learned that one of the textures was diffuse with specular buried in the alpha channel. So it was a quick step of breaking the color, grabbing the alpha, and making a new float 3 with it and plugging it into the specular channel. I think some people would have used Photoshop to make a dedicated specular texture. I think that is an example of 2 nodes in Blueprint that was much faster to implement than using C++. I’m just saying it’s awesome! The other thing that people may not realize is that apparently Blueprint exposes all the C++ code in Unreal Engine. Not sure if that is technically true.

In the 4.5 Preview notes, we actually snuck in a hint about improvements in the API. :slight_smile: For examples and more reference docs, as soon as we get things written/recorded/created (which goes for all docs, not just C++), we do try our best to get them out to you all as soon as we can. Lots of things currently in flight over here with the doc team - seriously, take a peek at those notes! So happy to hear everyone excited for new documentation, thanks for the feedback, and stay tuned!