Could use some help making a custom material for my game

I love making games with Unreal Engine and come from a programming background, I have gravitated to really enjoying making pretty much everything about making games except a few things, for some reason I just get stuck making materials work right and get a bit discouraged. :frowning:

And thus am running into a serious issue that is making my whole game idea not possible, even though I know it is!

Basically, I need a material that can have its world position and or displacement be offset negatively on the z axis via other dynamic and movable static meshes. So, as you move a static mesh on top of another stationary static mesh, the stationary static mesh offsets its material to “dip” down underneath the moving static mesh a bit, doesn;t have to be a whole lot , just enough to be noticeable. I have seen this been done before with a custom river material blueprint that draws effects based on rocks and such colliding, and even downloaded a few examples but I just can’t seem to get it to work or understand how it works enough to replicate it in the way I need it to. Instead of having this make me lose my steam and burn out thinking about it, I would love to just get some of y’all talented people to just help me out :smiley:

Here is a link to an answer that lead me down trying to accomplish it with using distance fields…e-where-t.html

I am willing to pay for your time and or talk to you in more detail about what it is I aim to do.

If you are interested in helping me out, I would seriously appreciate it!


Hi, is this something you are looking for?

The flexi box.

Hey Konflict,

Thanks for answering me and heh, sorry for the typo. Meant to say appreciate not apprentice. :frowning:

YES!!! That first video is exactly what I am looking for.

Anyways I would love to play around with this later tonight after work, is there some way I can use your example above or pay you for your time making it?

Thanks again!