Could Use Pointers :)

Hey everyone, I’m an aspiring dev looking to bring my ideas to life. I am interested in creating games involving mechs, dark stories, space stuff, psychological horror, and a few others. Particularly, I’m posting this in hopes someone would be awesome and point in the right direction to learn what I need to know. I am as they say, green as grass, and I have seen a bit of the online manuals, and I’ve seen the channel(s) on YouTube, but I feel like the learning process is kind of staggered, if that’s the right term here. I’m wondering if there is a more streamlined way of learning to use the program, like how one might in a classroom. I’m also a one man team (or will be, I guess), and it will take some time to learn and do everything myself, so I would greatly appreciate any info given. Please feel free to post anything you would deem helpful. :slight_smile:

Books, Tutorial videos, Manuals are about informations and knowledges.
But what you’re asking is about senses and wisdoms.

Learning something is about to perceive something.
And there is a certain point that you cannot perceive anymore.

After this point, It’s actually your own way.
But If you’re still looking for something that you could perceive,
I’d say it’s not about studying with tutorials and manuals anymore.

Read more books(Not manual or tutorial things.).
Watch more movies, Play more games,
Travel more places, Meet ans see more different people.

You can learn about tools.
But you can’t learn to be creative.

And a proper way to be creative, is actully to be there. Not to try to know.

Well, actually I am quite creative. I’m just looking for the best way to learn to use the tools required (I.E. UE4, Z-Brush, etc.). I’m basically looking for the best place to start learning, that’s really all I need. Once I have direction, I’m quite driven. I guess the question to present here is, where is the absolute best place to start learning to use said tools? As, in, what’s the best ebook(s) to read? Tutorial(s) to watch? Like I said, I am quite inspired with ideas, now I just need to learn the program(s). Thanks again in advance for your input.