Could UE4 use multiple mice/keyboards ?

Hi. I am wondering if UE4 could use multiple mice/keyboards for local multiplayer games. In the past, there were such requests, but Epic was not planning this feature. However, since the engine evolved, is it now possible to blueprint/code this functionality in ue4 games ? Using 2 mice in the same time, one for the right hand, other for the left one could be an interesting controll method. As an example of games that use multiple mouse/keyboards for local multiplayer, I know of Trine, so the OS permits this. Could this be possible in UE4 ?Local multiplayer with multiple mouse inputs. - UE4 AnswerHub

Please make this real Unreal, we could make some really cool games with this.

I had an idea to make a strategy game with two mice about 15 years ago, but looks like it’s Windows limitations and you have to write a driver for a second mouse. But it would be really cool if UE will have a second mouse support.

Was this feature ever implemented within the Unreal Engine 4 architecture past these post entries?