Could this massively improve asking questions and getting help? (

The difference between helping noobs who paste screenshots of their blueprints and not, is massive. A problem can be solved almost instantly with screen shots, whereas it may otherwise lead to an endless discussion while narrowing down the actual problem. As well as avoid sending the noobs down the advanced rabbit hole of further research.

By pasting things into we can easily copy/paste the code into a project, make the adjustments and throw it back into the site for the person asking help to implement faster.

Wow, that’s great.
And people upload blueprints that we can use, I’ve just seen an shoreline foam material which I’m going to study.

Thanks for sharing

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You are most welcome. This is now escalating in my head visually as some sort of a discussion/tutorial aspect. A shoreline foam material with a gif or a video, with the code and a discussion page for it would be ideal.
Thank you for your inspiring reply.