Could the Unreal Engine 4 recreate the Blitzball Minigame from Final Fantasy X?

Title says it all, but this also kinda applies to other minigame-esque thins that i think could be remade(or made at all) better in UE4.
Something like Quidditch from Harry Potter comes to mind after this.
I also wonder if anyone else has had these thoughts and might want to discuss things here.

Why wouldn’t it be possible?

Hello Soulfire91, this could easily be done in UE4.
The game didn’t have anything particular about it that would be difficult to do in UE4.
You would make the event command list that occurs when two actors get in range of each other, the events that occur from that are pretty straight forward.
There were no meaningful physics going on in the Blitzball minigame so its really just a custom movement script for that part.