Could someone rig a character with the Unreal Engine 4 skeleton for me?


I am new to game development and cant animate to save my life. I have a model but I need it rigged with the unreal engine 4 skeleton, I have blender but I cant rig with it because it breaks the skeleton.
I also cant afford the extremely high price of maya or 3DS max.

Any assistance on this would be great.


you could try this… (direct link)

  1. open the pose blender file
  2. mold your mesh around the mannequin mesh
  3. delete the mannequin mesh
  4. then parent, with automatic weights, your mesh to the mannequin armature
  5. then you can append in each animation to your mesh

i haven’t tried this because i wanted to have my own armature (which i have to retarget the bvh, which is a real pain in the ***, but do-able)… but on paper it should work (read the readme)…


If it’s non-profit project, you can always use Student Version of Maya.

i had the same issue as you. i used mixamo, uploaded my character and had the auto-rigger do its magic. then i imported it into unreal engine and through skeleton re-targeting i was able to get my guy using all the anim starter pack animations. i did this all for free, except for the character.

it works really well with small inconsistencies depending on how much time you spend on re-targeting.

check this out

it seems overwhelming at first, but i’m a total newb and got it working, i believe you will do fine.

can’t say that blender breaks the ue4 rig, i show it in this video towards the end

That’s not how a normal rig looks and it isn’t the same as the bone structure in UE4. For example you can’t add IK to the rig in Blender and animate it using IK. If you use Automatic Bone Orientation when importing the rig looks fine but animations get broken in UE4. I would say it’s still broken. Edit: As in, UE4 - Blender - UE4 is broken. For just Blender - UE4 it is working correctly.

So this mannequin isn’t even animated,already?