could someone please help me with this tutorial? thanks in advance

i am a begginer (i using 4.26.1 version)

Hi man,
We need a bit more info XD
what are you stuck into?

i guess i not importing right and i want a help to make animations of combo attacks work on blueprint(is already pre-made)
sorry for the bad english

where i find “export smooth groups”?

and this error

the import dialogue has an option to generate normals on both skeletal meshes and static meshes (You can actually ignore this warning if you don’t need normals on your mesh).;base64

the “attach to:” warning is caused by objects in a hierarchy not matching the same mobility settings. Select each object then change this option in the details panel.

ok thank you now to the next part
how i do complex combo attacks could you give me some tutorials to better understand what he is doing?
for example if i use left click three times i do one combo. if i use left click + right click + left click do another combo OR left click pause left click + left click do another combo

dumb question
if ii want to change the player character to the imported character how to do that?

i find it see this tutorial if you have the same question

i find another video about complex combo still is not for total beginners