Could Someone Please Help Me With creating an Enemy Wave System?

I am new to the unreal engine and require the assistance of an experienced user of the engine,
I’m Trying to create an enemy wave system like the once seen in the call of duty zombies Franchise but I’m not sure how I would go about doing this if someone could help it would be much appreciated.


Set timer by function name, create a function called spawn enemy, inside that function, get all actors of class enemy, if length==0 then for loop 1 to ( however many enemies you want) spawn a.I. From class, your enemy your behaviour tree, put the spawn enemy function inside get timer by function name, set a time, put it looping, put it in your begin play event, for the transform for the a.I. You get player capsule world location plug that into origin of random point in navigable radius, set the radius to whatever… That should work

Thanks for that