Could someone please help me figure out what happened to my level? (Weeks of progress lost for no reason)

Alright. Please bear with me.

On May 31st, everything was fine. I had this complex level that I put a lot of work into. I saved with ctrl+shift+s, I even left Unreal running, and I walked away from my computer for a couple of days. I didn’t back up with Git which I fully accept is my fault.

Today, I’m working on a different level, “Skybridge”. Everything looks good. I import an OBJ from sketchup. Then, I realise I made a mistake with the import and deleted that mesh from the content browser, planning to re-import it. I may have accidentally deleted another texture or two, max. I didn’t do anything else.

Then, I check up on another one of my levels, “HugeArchitecture”

Literally everything is gone. The level has reverted back to the state it was almost 2 weeks ago. Can someone explain what the F*** happened? How can I get this stuff back?

All the meshes that I built this level with are still there in my content folder, including actors that I merged together well after I started putting the level together. It’s just my actors that are gone. The progress is gone. The starting actors (editor cubes etc) are still there, I deleted them way back when I started constructing this level. So that’s a lot of progress seemingly reverted.

Why did this happen? Why did all my progress disappear due to something that I’ve done plenty of times with no problem? “Skybridge” is fine. The other levels are fine. but “HugeArchitecture” is completely screwed.

Please, please help.

I’m on Mac High Sierra.

Kind of the same problem here. All my levels are empty suddenly after trying level streaming. Content is still content browser, but the levels are black, not even a light. Does anyone have a solution for this. Or know how I can retrieve the filled levels? Thanks!

zip, 7-zip, rar whatever your project folder with all its subfolders at least daily. Get a huge hard disk or LTO tape drives to store your backups (or better both for a fail-safe approach). If anything goes wrong you can revert back to one of the older copies in a very short time without losing everything.
And having RAID-1, RAID-10, RAID-5, RAID-6 boot with multiple SSDs for added redundancy and safety either VROC even better Hardware RAID would be another good thing to do. Along with always having an UPS unit protecting all the hardware.