Could someone pay the 5% fee for you ?

Hi. After you make a game in UE4 then begin selling it, you must pay Epic 5% of your gross revenue. If you sell more games, at each quarter you need to trouble yourself with paying.( it’s an obligation that could generate stress .Is there a way to pay the 5% fee to Epic automaticly ? Can publishers do that ? The idea is that it would be nice for developper to concentrate only on his games, without paying much attention to the financial part. ( he just gets money on bank account, with fees already paid ) . Could publishers do that ?

  If, for example, you make a game when you're young and sell it, you get profit, and you feel happy to pay because you also get revenue. In time, you get stresses ,, what if I can't pay in time ? '' . " quarter is comming - pay time " You realize that as long as your game sells, you need to pay that fee for the rest of your life. It's like a kind of mariage. If you get old and your game sells with 1$ as a retro, but you forgot you made it....hmm...problems....

Many publishers have custom-negotiated Unreal Engine license deals with Epic in which they can provide the engine to teams which work with them, and in many of these cases the publisher pays the royalty to Epic rather than the developer.

But the reasons to work with a publisher are marketing, development funding, and other forms of assistance. It wouldn’t make sense to give a publisher a cut of your game just for a slight increase in royalty-paying convenience.

Keep in mind your first $3000/quarter of revenue is royalty-free, so you only need to go through the effort of reporting revenue and paying if you’re making significant money from your game!

Have you ever considered the possibility of Epic itself acting as a publishing service along the lines of how TuneCore operates?

If you’re not familiar with TuneCore it is a very successful music publishing service which allows indie musicians, who may not be very business inclined, to easily get their work onto the market. The musician only has to submit their finished recording, pay a fee, and TuneCore handles everything from there. If Epic were to offer a similar service then by making the process of publishing a game less daunting you would ensure that a much greater number of Unreal games made their way to market.

In addition, it could create a number of entirely new revenue streams as well:

-You would charge a fee for each submission. This serves not only as an income source but also a way to filter out trivial submissions.

-Since you would be providing a greater level of service to the developer you could charge an additional percentage above the usual 5% royalty for games published through Epic.

-The bookkeeping burden on the small developer would no longer be an issue so you would not need to have the $3000/quarter exemption on games published through your service.

-Being in control of the revenue stream Epic would be assured of getting the full amount due it.

-You might sell additional optional services to the developer such as advertising packages or localization services and so forth.

-You could even allow submissions of games made with other engines if you wanted to thereby generating revenue from games made with your competitor’s products.

Someone will create a publishing service like this for games eventually. Why give away that opportunity to someone else?

Some info on TuneCore and how it works: