Could someone be kind enough to make me a simple 3d model

Hi, i’m currently testing lootspawn and i need a simple can model for this.

I will not be able to pay for this but i’m hoping the community can be kind enough to make a simple model.

You could search here + www.blendswap for such a mesh :slight_smile:

Those two sites would be best for what you are looking for. In Turbosquid, do a price range search of Min:0 :0, and that will being up all the free models.

Found this on Blendswap.

The thing is that the models often hasn’t had their textures set up properly so its only one texture on the model. And i can’t texture models, any tutorials would be helpfull

Which 3d program do you use? :slight_smile:

I’m using 3ds . I’ve also heard that you can texture models with Photoshop. Any experience from this?

Take a look at this tutorial, it will explain you how to create an UV map -> ?v=ya8jNCVLJGw
You use the 3d program in combination with photoshop -> e.g you can export your uv map as a texture + in photoshop you can create the texture :slight_smile:

Here’s a copy of that can UV Mapped w/ I’m a can! :smiley: painted onto it a couple of times.
Done in 3D Coat which I highly suggest for both UV mapping and painting.
Uploading _color & _Metalness

Wow, thanks everyone! Great placeholder assets and thanks for linking me the tutorial how to make uv maps :slight_smile: