"Could not open source file (error code CubeActor.h)" on VS

Hello L&G

I have just created a new empty c++ Project, after a while of visual studio took parsing files, it finished with no errors.
Then i created a new c++ class from Editor, and opened Visual Studio exactly the clase i have created it’s name is CubeActor.h which is public, and its respective source code file CubeActor.cpp …

the problema is on third line :
#include “CubeActor.h” //E: - Could not open source file (error code CubeActor.h)

How can i solve it?. i have not writen anything yet, Visual Studio started opening with that problem

Any idea?


I started over again deleting the Project and creating a new one, now it Works, no errors are showing…but this time i did something different, i did not click on “Public” or “Private” while creating the class using the Editor’s wizard…

Now i check in the source folder and all my files are inside a Project name folder, no Public and Private folders anymore… What is the difference?.. Thanks.