Could Lyra have been made 100% in Blueprints?

Lyra is an amazing example of how to create a multiplayer game with all of the options… but could it have been created 100% in Blueprint, without having to create anything in C++?

If not, what are the specific C++ elements that could not be replicated in Blueprint, and why?

Thanks if you have a good idea :slight_smile:


Mhhh, a really good question. I think Lyra is made with C++ and there are some things that are implemented to blueprint. I think that their goal was to have as many functionality inside blueprint. You could right click the uproject and generate the Visual Studio Files. Open the .sln and you can explore it and maybe you can find something interesting there.

Something I know is that most of the multiplayer EOS functionallity is written in C++. Like I have the problem when packaging and starting the packaged version, I get a message in the Main Menu, that Login is not implemented. In the Left corner is a Warning that some c++ Login functions couldn’t be found and so on. Still couldn’t fix it…

I don’t really have an idea of that all, so please don’t mind if I have only written nonsense. Forgive me then!

HI there, thanks for commenting on the question. Right now, I am following some tutorials on how to customise Lyra, but I am torn between:

  • Doing it the old way, using only Blueprints to create a simple prototype game that I can enjoy, but knowing exactly how it’s working
  • Learning how to configure Lyra for my needs, but remain uncertain about how and why it does work

As my game idea is meant to be online PvP, using Lyra seems to make a lot of sense, but it feels like there is so much to learn about Lyra itself and how it works that I feel I will never be able to do it

I only can say, same. Not only Lyra specific, I was feeling the same thing about learning Unreal Engine. I am still a beginner but by only throwing myself into it and trying, running into issues, solving them and again.

Just do it, don’t mind how you feel about it or forget the thinking, just try and try. By that you may be successful !

I wish you the best with it, good luck.

Hi there,
Lyra is very advanced and also requires the understanding of Gameplay Ability System as backbone. If you are seeking to learn multiplayer fundamentals and create your own game in the process, perhaps coding with Blueprints in the best starting point.
In case you are interested, I found this series very useful:

Make a Multiplayer Game from scratch:

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The definitive answer is NO – Lyra could not possibly have been done in 100% Blueprints.

That being said, it could MOSTLY be done in Blueprints.

Because Lyra uses Gameplay Ability System, an extremely powerful multiplayer action framework, it does require C++ for some parts. However you could probably implement your own custom GAS system to get around that issue.

C++ and BP are intended to be used together, not just one or the other. That’s part of the beauty of Unreal Engine.

Learn C++. You will be a much better developer if you do.

Good luck. :smile: