Could i get some quick help with Emitters please?

Ok so im working on a mod that uses the Old c4 explosion emitter as part of an animation and it looks perfectly fine in the editor but in game it looks as if some of the particals are not rendered or they are not in game if that makes any since and i have made sure that i have copied the correct files to the mod folder before cooking and all files that are being used are in the mod folder unless the emitters themselves are using different files that i have not seen yet… which could be the case but im not sure where these files are being called and or where they are located in the editor if so and i have looked and looked but here are some screen shots below to help understand what im talking about…

Emitter being used:

How it looks in editor:

How it looks in game:

From what I can see, your mod did not carry the emitter textures/particles with it. Most likely you have use the particles from the engine, in which case you would just have to find the particles you used, and make sure they are in your mod folder.

thx azrael and i have found out the issue it looks like the materials for those particles are being called from another folder within the engine and i can copy those files into the mod folder no problem but i am not able to change where the emitter calls for these materials or either im just looking over it? any help with that you can give me it would really help alot =)

To make them call from your files, you should just be able to change where it is referenced, worst case scenario is you can “move” the files over, but that almost always causes problems in the long run.

alright ill give it a go thank you so much for the info…and btw great game you guys are doing an amazing job

:frowning: I’m just moderating the forums… but yes, is doing an AMAZING job with ARK!

hey moderating helps them focus on the more important stuff so your helping just as much as well

quick question tho do you know where i would change the refrences for a emitter i think i found out where i can view them but i cannot change anything which is weird

I do not, only because I have not messed with particle effects very much… When Sinari gets on though, he should be more helpful as he is very good with particles

alright thx if you could give him a shout when hes on that would be great and if not thats fine too you have been much help already thx

nvm figured it out thx alot