Could CityEngine for UnrealEngine be interesting?

In CityEngine you can just selecet a street-template, building styles and then you have a city. Something like this would be great to have in UnrealEngine too.

I hope it will, it will make level creation a bit muh easier :slight_smile:

I think RAGE is optimized in that way so U can create a whole open world but I do not think it is available for free .

CityEngine is hardly a magic bullet. It does some of what it does rather well, but it’s not going to generate a playable game level for you; there would still be an enormous amount of work involved.

Anyone used RAGE till now ?

It won’t be a magic bullet, but it will allow developers to accomplish more than what we have before. That I believe.

Having used it, I genuinely don’t think it would outside of niche use-cases.