Could anyone offer alternative Discussion venues for Development besides these forums and Discord?

Hi! I am hoping someone can help me find an online, International or U.S. Based platform for discussion, where remote-work can be done. These forums have yielded no results for my interests, and Discord, it’s problematic, and pretty Adversarial as far as Freedom goes.

I have found Discord to be too fast-paced and quite impersonable, and these forums seem to move very slowly.

I am, seeking a platform where Artists can freely discuss Opportunities, in one section of discussion, and post WIP in another, completed projects in another, wtc. However Epic Forums is either dieing, something ‘fishy’ going on, or nobody wants to see the “Big Picture” of what I am trying to achieve; In a world where “Global Warming” is a threat to us al, you would think that living for each other with open-minds would be the pont of our existenece, these days, however i have found Discord to be irrationally Rectrictive, ie. “No Advertising or self-Promoting, even though we do it and get away with it.”

I remember Epic Forums used to be buzzing with activity, however, it seems Paid Feelancers and Royalty-Based artists are taking over, and nobody is “sticking up for the little guy,” wherein, modders/Indies who want to collaborate are either marginalized, or simply assaulted with ignorance, ie. " no advertising or self-promotion"," when i am not "advrtising, i don not have a Product, i am Posting Coollab Opportunities, and getting oppressed by Admins, and then trashed ina cowarly fashion where admins of one server will spread the word that a user who used "****-talking and disrepect, in response to the cencorship and Oppression that user faced, as a vehi8cle to Blacklist anyone trying to get their Offers out there, I fear because of Coprporate Greed.

I have over 2 decades Research and the same timeframe of experience in modding in Unreal Engine, however i cannot find a place to Offer the Proposition to “Modify Unreal Engine” with the option of Branching into our own Studio. I clearly am Transparent in "There is no guarantee of PAyment, however if our work is quality, and we function as a team and i admit it has been hectic for anyone who has interacted with me, it’s Stress-Related #NerdRage based on the fact i am running my own Design Concept, and do not have Literary Mastery, so my communication is best posted in a blog of draft-based medium, i’m getting oolder so my reflexes are slower, although my knowledge of technical ‘jargon and instructions’ is Top-Notch, i will Answer your questions, and/ or direct you to sources, failing that i will simply state i don’t know.

“Nobody’s perfect.” I made many mistakes in Discord, and to be fair, i’m getting old and the Maelstrom of posts from all sorts of people ranging from quiet-folk, ragers, admin abusers, and the quiet-folk who tend to join whoever seems popular at the time, has been a long and difficult juirney through the Toxic selfishness in our web-system.

Take that with a grain of salt (no pun intended.) It is simply too stringent and Offering positions for a Modding Group, with Opportunities to go Professional after Prototype-Phase, is simply impossible given what i have experienced in Discord.

mIRC costs $20, and i woulnd’t mind paying for it, however the IRC is empty, i got my start in graphics design and game modding from but i’m afraid their failures at making their Very-Charitable VTM series and Course-Series’ Worth-While to them (however they still run the Offiical YouTube Channel,) had become a lost-cause as far as interaction with the community, at least on the level it once was, it is no longer a ‘thing’.