Couch Knight Camera advice please

Hello all,

My first ever post so please bare with me.

Couch Knight Demo
I am trying to make an addition to the demo a addon so to speak.

My aim is to add 1st & 3rd person camera socket to the fighting couch knights.

I realise the demo is for Oculus Rift and Track IR and nooo, i have not got the spare cash to buy the future of gaming.
I know very little regarding Unreal Engine 4 have next to zero blueprint or C++ and have had great fun breaking the demo’s , but its time for me to hold my hands up and admit low education or im just getting to old to understand, one or the other.

How do i disconnect the spawn on “play” camera and add this to the little knights or add 2 key option commands that change the viewers camera vision to the actual knights fighting please.

Separate note here :
in a basic 3rd person template i am able to add first person camera and socket and also give it a key in blueprint but i tried that in couch knights demo and, its not advised ,it breaks everything :0)

I did work out that i can press a Fkey that allows me to select an actual knight and add a socket camera to the single player knight actor , no idea how to get the 2nd player knight to add a camera to that also ,but when i press “play” its breaks everything .

Yes i am very new and totally lost in unreal engine not because its hard ,nothing in this world is easy, loads of utube and twitch people to learn from but more because its an alien enviroment to me.

My intention is to make a Cartoon Castle in 3dmax and then fight with friends in a cartoon style castle enviroment , basically remove the couch knights room display and import a castle but also add 1st person and 3rd person for the people like me, who can not afford Oculus Rift , but i bet it would be fun with 2 extra camera option views(1st & 3rd person ) for Oculus Rift users as well.

I realise im clutching at straws here, but any advice is very welcome and if you want to watch me break demo’s in UE4 i stream fairly regular on

Best Regards