Costumized Vehicle give problem in ue4

I hav go through with vehicle tutorial which is really helpful
i made basic object and create car model and link object in maya and imported in ue4
its worked!
bt when i m using free 3d low poly vehicle doing the same steps
give problem

i have attached the images please solve and can u tell me what setting for maya n 3ds max


Could you please give us more information about your problem?

Also, make sure that your low poly vehicle have the same skeleton like source model.


I follow this tutorial

which is awesome tutorial
there in tutorial link is available have car model i imported in maya where wheel by hierarchy linked with car body
i made basic shapes and tried same method its work awesome

bt when i download low poly car model and i used same method
i seprate body which i gave name -
and for Wheel according - Tire_frontleft

in ue4 show its smaller and when i simulate its started to wiggle shaking thing happen
somewhere i going wrong sure.

in same model which is available on tutorial in same file i import downloaded model its show small in maya
i scale it bt still in ue4 nt work same thing happen

actually i doing wrong method with please tell me how to make downloaded model fixed and 3ds max and maya what size i should take

i m sure there is a way please help me

buddy i found the way it is really treaky bt its worked
which mesh file available on tutorial i took in cinema 4d then i took downloaded car model scale it and fixed with mesh model now problem in scale panel there scale property become 1000 so i export downloaded car model fbx i open into 3ds max give x-form then that same model open in maya again from maya i exported final which is Lucky comes out well
my problem where i was scale model and i dont knw maya hav xform or nt even in cinema 4d only bt max helped

and in cinema 4d vehicle easily get linked just drag those wheel into the car body which worked


Now i will continue my game

C happily standing on surface :slight_smile: