Costumize MMO/RPG Kit


we searched one who can make us a third person shooter kit and found one and now we are searching one who can make us a MMO/RPG Kit.
The Kit should contains:

  1. Multiplayer able
  2. Register & Login (The Server should run on a dedicated server with mssql/mysql)
  3. World/Channel selection
  4. Character creation
  5. Character selection
  6. Health/Mana and one with Health and Stamina because we wan´t to create a class which use Stamina instead of Mana
  7. Inventory system and Gold system (Currency)
  8. Walk, run, crouch, climb and attack animations
  9. Characterstat system
  10. Chat system and Questsystem
  11. Abillity System
  12. Pve/PvP System
  13. If it´s possible this UI:

Hope to find one who can create it for us, like the other request, we pay via marketplace or other safe platforms which are allowed (:

best regards