Cost of Bind Events


I set up my inventory system so that each item has a bind event to it when the player presses the pickup key. The only problem is that each item on the map that has the code to bind it for pickup calls that event. I have a check in place to not pickup any other item except the one the player is looking at. My concern is that as i add more pickup items to the map, will it freeze the game as the player pickups an item and it does a massive bind event on all those items, even if they stop at my check.

My items are setup so that i can make a bunch of items from a single Blueprint and just set the individual values on the side as public variables (health, SM, texture2D, etc…).

if it doesn’t make sense let me know and i can post pics, thanks for any help on this optimization question!

I was actually able to solve this by creating two interface functions that would bind/unbind the event when the player is looking or not looking at the item. So now instead of binding every item on start to that event, it binds only when the player is looking at that specific item which fixes my performance issue.

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