Cost of Always Tick pose and refresh bones on dedicated server

Hello, everybody,

I’m using anim montages to move attached sword with collision that actually deals damage. I need to have setted Mesh->Optimization->Visibility Based Anim Tick Option = Always Tick pose and refresh bones, so sword will move on server too. I was wondering is refreshing bones on server will affect perfomance? Is it gonna cost me money if we talking about dedicated server bills? Maybe there is a way to set special server skeleton with no fingers to save some cpu resources, or maybe it is just really bad idea for targeting in multiplayer game and I’m better do it in other way?

Hello pelykh,

I already asked in your UE4 questions and answer section, now I find you question also here.
Same request: I have the same problems and the same thoughts about that option. But did you ever found a answer /solution how to solve that problems?
I got a similar problems and AI pawn bones are not hitting player bones when no “server player” is rendering the client and the AI. Only “Visibility based anim tick option” solved it when set to tick on pose and bones.
If you ever found out a better solution instead setting all 50+AI to that option, please tell us. Or if you tested and can say something about performance.
Thanks a lot

You can do what they did in Valorant… never update pose on the server UNLESS an ability triggers it to update for a limited time. For example when there are bullets flying around (or possible bullets in a corridor single frame projection) or you received damage, or you are aiming down the sight or something happens, when the animation pose on the server could be relevant.

AngelV, that’d be great to see a sample implementation of your idea… possible future tutorial? :wink: As for a potential answer to the OP… my understanding is that “Only Tick Montages when Not Rendered” would do the trick, since your hit takes place during a Montage. Of course it would require that anything else you have that involves damage (like projectiles) be invoked during a montage as well… which makes me wonder how that would work with something like Easy Ballistics, which I’ve been meaning to try (maybe activating a squeeze trigger or single frame placeholder montage, etc when firing, to force an update)