Cost difference between using a Widget Switcher and having multiple separate Widgets?

I was wondering if the engine holds all of the Widgets contained within the Widget Switcher in memory during runtime, or if there are performance concerns with using a lot of Widgets within a Switcher.

Would it be less expensive to contain my entire frontend main menu within one Widget containing a Widget Switcher for all sub-menus, or would it be less expensive to simply show/hide or create/destroy the other menus as the user navigates to them?

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It is something I am currently wondering about, and it would be great to have an answer, so that we can get into the best approach :slight_smile:

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thats what i asked by myself. An answer please!

Bump - would be handy to know this. I’m trying to choose between widget switchers and menu anchors…

Bump!, I just discovered widget switcher as well. good question.

I think intention of this widget is switching widgets while keeping there state and keeping it’s code running, since destroying and creating widgets on the go would also destroy the state as well stop code on them. In theory it is faster then just creating and destroying widgets, while ofcorse all widgets would occupation the memory, whatever it’s a big deal depends widgets themselves

I think main use case are tab widgets to keep there integery as they would create single widget together and dont need to reinitiate the widget when you switch tab.

Good analogy would be imagining it as a scroll widget with a snap since same as with scroll widgets are getting hidden when they go outside of the space.