Cosmos 1999 ue4

Game Engine : 4.14.0
Name : Cosmos 1999 UE4
Version : Alpha V0.5
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Informations :
Space 1999, one of the cult TV Serie of the 70’s. Made by Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, UFO, The Protectors…) between 1975 and 1978. The serie run for only two season. The story is about the survivors of the Moonbase Alpha trought space, after a nuclear incident that propeled the moon outside the solar system. If the first season is dark and moody, there was a change of style in the second season after the departure of Sylvia Anderson. Replaced by the american productor Fred Freiberger.

Goal for the final build :
Basycally my idea is to make a virtual tour of the moonbase. Based on the first series only for the moment. The Moonbase is really large, so it can have quite a lot of room. But i don’t want to do the entire base. Only the Main Mission. Hangars for the Eagles, and some other rooms you can see trought the first season. But everything will not be easylly accessed. You will have to found Commlock to unlock doors, and maybe some other things.

As i don’t have any right over the series, and because it’s just a fanmade film. Don’t expect to see it on Steam. Actually i don’t really see potential for a game here. You can probably do a good FPS game. But the univers of the series isn’t action filled (well there more action in season 2, but that’s another story).

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