Cosmology (Unreal level)

In order to get the hang off the Unreal Engine and to train my level editing skills I’m going to create a level with the unreal engine, it’s a sci-fi scene. I wan’t to create a level where you’re in a spaceship. So upcomming post will be all around this subject.

A sketch of the blockout I’m planning on making, which I will later on replace with my 3D assets.


I made this a week ago but forgot to upload the pictures.

Sadly i accidently deleted my scene :s so i’m starting over!

Starting over is a great thing todo! Think of all the knowledge u have from the first try!!! :3

You could put your project into a version control system (like git). There are several free services (like GitHub or Bitbucket) available out there. You can also set it up locally so that it’s only saved on your computer. This will enable you to basically have backups so you can restore different versions of your scene. And if you accidentally delete something you can restore it as well. It also removes the fear of “doing something wrong and not being able to revert it”.

Anyways, I’m also starting to create a Sci-Fi scene so I’ll be watching this thread. Good luck. :wink:

Thx for the advice guys, realy appreciate it!

I made some sketches of floor panels I plan on making in Max.

Any of you have any idea what this issue could be? i’ve made it in max and when i apply the texture and normal in max i see no problems! but when i export it to unreal as an FBX i get this wierd stuff going on with my texture.


Some sci-fi panels i modeld in max and exported in unreal. the left one has a polycount of 6 and the right one a polycount of 1! well look at that :smiley:


found the issue with the corner pannel, and made a wall pannel 2!


Looking great so far, keep it up.

Looking good so far!

So i did some basic lighting and scenery so you’ll get an idea where i’m going with this.



to solve youre problems: get one of those sci fi packs from the marketplace.

Progress so far




great job!

Reworked the cryo chamber a bit… a lot, I thought it could use some more intresting shapes :stuck_out_tongue:

next I’m going to do the same I did with this room, but then to all my rooms, beeing general lighting and the overall feel (shape wise).
I want to make the player have some thing intresting to look at in every room!!

And after that I believe refrining the props and giving them normal maps wouldn’t be a bad idea.



and tweeked it a bit!


So I started fixing up the next room! a kind of server room ment to analyse the cryopods in the previous room!


Added some extra stuff to fill the room and give it some personality


A sneak peek of the main room