Corsair vs Ducky Keyboard?

Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Brown Red LED Mechanical Keyboard - $179


Ducky Shine Zero Zone Cherry MX Brown Blue LED Mechanical Keyboard - $129

I don’t know what to choose. Please help.

Ducky all the way! I love Corsair, but Ducky’s keyboards are too nice. Also the non-standard bottom key-row on the K70 is going to cause you lots of headaches if you want to ever change the keycaps.
I use a Ducky Shine 3 TKL with blue switches and I couldn’t be happier.

I also use a Ducky Shine 3 and love it :slight_smile:

What do you mean by the “non-standard bottom key-row” on the K70?

The modifier buttons at the bottom are not the standard size. Which means that you will have a hard time finding replacement if you decide that you want another color on your keys or the nicer PBT material (rather than the cheap ABS caps that comes with the keyboard). If you don’t think you’ll ever change them, then they won’t cause any problems. :slight_smile:

However you say that Ducky is better than the Corsair? I considered Corsair primarily because of the media keys, the wrist-rest (which I’ve never owned but would be cool to have) and the metal volume wheel. Ducky doesn’t really have those.

To be honest, it’s more a matter of what you prefer. Corsair makes fantastic products and I always use them for RAM and cases and the keyboards seems nice. But I don’t like the bottom row and I think their keyboards are rather ugly, the quality is probably just as fantastic as their other stuff though.
The Ducky keyboard feels more solid and screams even more quality, but it still has cheap ABS keycaps, just like the K70. The Ducky board also has media keys, although not so many. The Shine 3,4 and Legend (and probably some of their others) has all the media keys you might need though. Also you’ll probably want to buy a separate wrist rest if you go with the Ducky. I had to get one for my Shine 3 TKL, it’s a bit tall.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with any of them, both are great keyboards.

I own a K70 with red switches and a K70 RGB with brown switches and I love them both. I have used Ducky before and they are quite nice as well. I think both are quite nice and you really can’t go wrong with either. I love the K70s for their programmability though. Meaning I can macro any key I want and have different profiles for them. And, if you’re going for “shiney” you can do a lot of cool color effects with the K70 RGB.

As far as feel goes though, they are both great keyboards and the feel really comes down to the switches rather than the keyboard manufacture.

I’ve got the Corsair K70 with MX Blues, and it’s pretty phenomenal. I’ve never used a Ducky, but I’ve used Das, and several others, and the K70 is the best Keyboard I’ve ever used.

The RGB versions, though… those are definitely the coolest LOOKING keyboards I’ve ever used. Just my two cents.

Gah this is a difficult decision. They’re both good. I’m not considering the RGB version of the K70 though because of the stupid logo and the fact it’s $240. Ducky is around $50 cheaper than the K70 but the K70 has wrist rest, media keys, metal volume wheel and it’s sized like a normal keyboard. However, people are all recommending Ducky’s including my cousin… :confused: