Corrupted looking screen when launching with HDR enabled.

Hello, people! I currently have a problem on my android game that prevents it from being played correctly on my phone and i was wondering if anyone could point out a possible problem.

When i Launch my android game on my phone with HDR enabled it appears that all camera actors don’t work and instead display a very messed up and corrupted looking screen (shown in the attached image) The Widgets do correctly display but due to this problem there’s no possible way to correctly navigate the level. This problem doesn’t occur if i have HDR disabled. if i preview the game in the editor or the mobile preview then everything looks and works fine. (shown in the other attached image). The way the messed up screen looks changes every time i open the game on my phone.
Other info: I’m using UE4 version 4.22 and i’m using my Samsung galaxy S8 to test the game and i am previewing the game on ES2.
I myself don’t know if you have to have a good enough phone to use HDR so if that’s the case than please let me know. Any sort of help is appreciated. Many thanks.;base64