Corrupted Files, Engine Crash, HELP! #UE5

Hello everyone, this may be a long post but i will try to explain all the things i’ve done and whats going on now with my project, but i will point out the “Important things in case if you wanna jump streight right into them”

Main# : Main Issue i’m having : i have a “Actor Component” which is working totally fine but since i do any change inside him, or just open him go to : Files > Refresh Nodes. Whenever i close and re-open the engine is crashes on start-up, but in Engine is working perfectly fine, no compiling errors no nothing.

1# : (How it all started)
I’m currently building a FPS-Template for my personal use, and everything was going incredibly great, untill i decided to make changes in my “Weapon Structure” which is connected to “Weapon Database / Datatable” because some of the orders in the structure wasnt looking neet, so i decided to recreate the structure to make it look cleaner and more understandable - for future uses.
Structure explanation :
“Weapon Structure” - Contains 5 other structures inside him, so they can be sorted like categories. (They are nowhere used except in the “Weapon Structure”).
Since i did change : Poisitions,Names,Order,Variables. inside “Weapon Structure” first error occured - as usual everything was pointed out as a error, becuase theres was a lots of changes done, so i fixed them by hand every single one of them, then i tested the game, was working Perfect! so i said, enough for today i’ve done my job! i close the Engine and head to sleep. (“I Always close the engine by clicking : Files > Exit, I never ever closed the engine by force”) - (“Before i decided to make these inportant changes - made a back-up of my project”)

2# : (First Wrong Signs)
Next day when i tried to open the editor, it just suddenly crashed, on start up. I was so confused because i was sure that everything was working just fine. So i tried 10 times to open the project 10 times it crashed, so i decided to back-up some files. “From my back-up project that i was previously copied” First thing that pop-into my mind was, lets backup the “Structures” - “I just made backup of new ones - that are right now inside my project” and then overlap the old ones, and the project started succesfully but, everything i’ve done yesturday was gone. I was despretly trying to somehow make my new Structures works but they did not work in any way shape of form. So i decided it’s time for something new!

3# : (How i Fixed My Problem)
I just opened a blank project, and i recreate all structures names, and inside them i recreate exactly what they had, with same names of variables, but not all variables inside new ones were exactly like the originals, (Because in the original project there is a lots of “Enums” Connected to the structures) so all i did whenever theres a “Enum” or “Whatever” i just put them blank for example “MyEnumName” i just put “Some random Enum variable i’ve found”
And then i just copied the new ones i created and just overlap them with my “Corrupted Structures” and they worked perfectly fine, but of course there was errors, like a lot of them, so i reconnect them by hand every single one, once again. Then i tested my game and it was working perfectly fine ! i was so happy ! But then i said wait a minute, what if i close the engine will that error still occur and i did just that, close the engine, and open it once again, And it works fine.

4# : (Currently where I’m)
Since everything was working perfectly fine i just decided to update the project even more, so i put more things into to it, and it was working, but then i hit the “Blackhole” once again, (Main# - Already Explained) “Actor Component - Which stores my Current informations about weapon i have and Ammo amount, nothing crazy” since i did make some change inside him, whenever i close and reopen the engine it just simply didnt start, it crashes !
So i tired to do the same things as before, but this one is diferent if i change :
His name, Any variable inside him, Refresh Nodes Inside him, Delete him, Overlap him anything really, the Engine didnt show any god ■■■■ sings that something is wrong, i can still play my game no errors no warnings, but since i close the engine it didnt want to open again it crashes. So i decided to not delete him just simple forgot about him, but when i tried to build the project for testing he is the one who is making the toruble, and he is showing the same exact problem message! as when the engine is crashed!

5# : (So i Need Your Help!)
Please if you have any knowladge about this, share it with me, this is bugging me. Heres the log files and images.
These are things i’ve tried to do but non of them works !
Delete : “Saved” “Intermidiate” “Build” Folders - X
Delete : Default Engine.ini - X, (it does launch the engine but whenever i open or do something whit an actor that reference my component it crashed).

(Package Errors)

FPS_Ultimate.log (77.7 KB)