Corrupted file debugging HELP!!!

Hello, this is my first post to the forums so please forgive me for any rookie mistakes or misuse of terms.

Here is the issue that I’m having, I’m currently working on an assignment for my Level Design class which has us populating a grid section of a map then level streaming the entire classes together at the end of the semester. During the blockout stages I noticed this error:


No minidump found for this crash.

I didn’t know what is causing it at the time and I now need to resolve the issue before I can move forward with any other stages development. I know for sure that it is something within the content folder of the project file but that is the extent of my knowledge.


Hey Huskey, thanks for reporting this. Sorry I didn’t see it until recently. Could you post a bug report to the answerhub?

If you do, then please let me know and I will have a technician investigate it asap.