Corrupted Blueprint nodes related to a plugin

I’m the developer of a plugin. In the past few days I’ve been in contact with an user that is experiencing weird problems, but I’m not able to help him.

The problems do not seem to be related to the plugin content itself, although he is having problems, in his project, only with the nodes from my plugin (not all of them though).

Basically, my plugin deals with animations, for example moving an object from point A to B. The user has been using it for at least 2 months without a problem, but a few days ago (without any particular change in the involved nodes), about 90% of the nodes from my plugin have been “corrupted”. By this he means that they do work, but it’s like the input values are set “randomly”. For example, if he has to move an object by 10000 on the X axis, it would move by 14000. The input values, in his examples, are hardcoded on the plugin, so there is no chance that the input values are just not what expected.

The weird thing though, is that if he removes the plugin node from the Blueprint (changing the input values is not enough), and then recreate it as is (changing, then the node starts working again!

I thought that maybe the nodes were somehow serialized in the wrong way by the Unreal Editor (maybe due to a crash or something), so they are feeded different values with respect to what they show. But I’m not even sure that’s possible.

I’m really at a loss with this, I hope you can help me understand what might be going on.

This is a video he made for me to display the problem. First he shows that during gameplay an animation does not run as expected. Then, he shows in the Blueprint the “corrupted” node that is fired. Then, he tries to change the input values and shows that at runtime nothing has changed. Then, he removes the node and recreate it as is. At runtime, he shows that at this point the animation works as he intended.

What might be going on?

I’m assuming its only this one person? Then it must be something to do with the project.

If that’s so, maybe he can send you a cut down version of the project, then you could find out much more easily what’s going on.

It’s only a little help, but…

Yeah, it’s only him. But taking a look on the project it’s not possible at the moment, so I have to work with “guesswork”