Corrupt project

My blueprints kept breaking and now the project crashes on loading the project.


Thank you for your report. I will begin investigation into this issue as soon as possible. If I am unable to reproduce the problem, or I need more information, I or another staff member will follow up with some additional questions for you. Otherwise, I will post an ‘Answer’ once I have logged the issue in our bug database or we have a solution for it.

In the meantime, please be sure to review our suggestions for how to report a bug, and feel free to edit your post if you have additional information to provide:


Hey Vesros,

When you say your Blueprints were breaking, what do you mean exactly? Were the nodes disconnecting? Which version of the engine are you using?

It’s possible this is related to a cyclical dependencies issue that has been resolved in 4.5. If you haven’t already, make a copy of your project in 4.5 Preview and see if it will open.

I was on 4.4.3 and a binary build. in one of the blueprints and the suspected offender the nodes were disconnecting, i tried getting an image of the node disconnect but was unable to.
A specific node would be disconnected from the chain but the next execution pin in the chain would still be white like it was plugged in.

I was calling a function where i send the pawn through and immediately cast the pawn to MyCharacter and that is the node that would break.
I Changed the set up so i wouldn’t have to send the pawn through there and there doesn’t seem to be any issues anymore and everything else is exactly the same.

Have not tried with 4.5 and assume i can’t using the launcher for updates?

You should be able to get the 4.5 Preview through the Launcher if you have an active subscription. Go to the Library tab in the Launcher, and click the “Engines+” at the top. In the new Engine slot that appears, choose Preview. That should get you the 4.5 Preview. Then Launch in Preview and select your project to open, and it will give you an option to Open a Copy.

the project launches perfectly fine on 4.5 and the disconnect issue previously described looks like it should.