Corrupt map file

Today i noticed one my maps wasn’t showing up anymore in the content browser of UE4, although it was still there in the windows explorer. As i opened the map with an editor I saw its filled with ‘NUL’, so basically it’s broken. It was working fine the last time i had UE4 opened.

I have a few backups of this map, which were created by UE4. Some of them in the “Saved\Backup” folder, and some in the Autosaves folder.

The problem, none off them will work. Evertime i try to load a backup-version of this map the viewport stays black. They look fine in text editor. Just like the working maps.

I’m asking now, what can i do to load those maps? I really don’t want to loose this map.
Thank you so much!

Got it to work again. For everyone else having the same issue:

My level was called “Level_01”, i thought it might work renaming the level from the backups.
I couldn’t rename it in UE4, so i opened up the Level_01 file with an editor and replaced all “Level_01” strings with “Level001”. I also renamed the “Level_01_sharedassets” folder to “Level001_sharedassets” and i did the same with the Layerinfo files in the sharedassets folder. Replaced all “Level_01” strings with “Level001”.

I opened up UE4 again and loaded the level, and it worked. So if you can’t manage to get your autosaved level to work, this might be the solution.