Corrupt data found, please verify your installation on server build for 5.0.2

We created our project in 4.27 and have upgraded a couple of times to get to 5.0.2. We are trying to work on setting up a dedicated server so we downloaded 5.0.2 and built it (documentation said this was required). I had bugs along the way but finally have it building both the server and the client version. When I click on either of these I get the message- ‘Corrupt data found, please verify your installation’. I have read through all of the answers I could find in forums and other locations on the web but have not seen anything that was actually answered that pertains to any of the more recent versions. The verify button is no longer in the launcher. I brought the engine code directly from the GIT repository. I have built it in both VS2022 and VS2019 with the same results. I am using a PC for all of my builds. ANy suggestions for tracking this issue down would be very much appreciated!

I have the exact same issue, also on 5.0.2 did you ever figure this out?

When I clicked on the Server build, I got the error message I described. When I simply started my game, the Server build just started working. It made me think that you can’t just click on the build and have it work.

You should cook content data from Editor Menu: Platforms/Windows/Cook Content
with making menu item ‘{projectName} ServerTarget’ checked;

From these code,we can see: Server target requires cooked data to run normally.

if (ShouldAlwaysLoadPackageAsync(PackagePath))



bool FAsyncLoadingThread::ShouldAlwaysLoadPackageAsync(const FPackagePath& InPackagePath)
return FPlatformProperties::RequiresCookedData() && GEventDrivenLoaderEnabled && EVENT_DRIVEN_ASYNC_LOAD_ACTIVE_AT_RUNTIME;

static FORCEINLINE bool RequiresCookedData()
typedef FWindowsPlatformProperties<WITH_EDITORONLY_DATA, UE_SERVER, !WITH_SERVER_CODE && !WITH_EDITOR> FPlatformProperties;


That was my problem! Thank you so much!