Corridor - Horror Scene - Breakdown Included!

Some of the textures created in Substance Designer

Some of the textures created in Substance Designer

Detail Lighting shot of the scene (no diffuse)

Wireframe view
You can see the Arstation link to help a bit ^^: ArtStation - Corridor - Breakdown Included](ArtStation - Corridor - Breakdown Included)

I hope you like it, all critics and feedback are welcome!

@SirKlu: Nice Lighting and nice modelling, BUT there is too much chromatic aberration for my taste and the scene is too unsharp to see the details :S

Thanks! I was kinda trying to go for that blury and “bad quality” feel, I guess it’s not for everyone hahaha

That looks great. I personnaly like the dirtyness of the scene, I think many horror games these days look way too clean.

Appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I could certainly use a modeller like you! :stuck_out_tongue:
Very good job! I like the color blending, it looks old and rotten!

looks cool this mate good job!