Corridor Attack game

Here is a quick video of the corridor game built with Unreal Engine4 that I am currently working on. Sorry about the crappy quality, I don’t have decent in-game recording software at the moment.

So it’s been a while since I posted this I figured I would show an update to the game.4385929037344e39b7f61f00e00647fb9686854e.jpeg

Did a lot more work today
a2f2e0431800383897d18e8d6c29fff11dfc9357.jpegTest Corridor3.jpg

Very nice environment.
What tools do you use for modelling and texturing?

Thanks! I was using Maya for things when I first started but since I wasn’t happy with my progress. I bought the Top Down Sci-Fi from the Marketplace for the environment and will be using as many assets from all the Demos that fit my designs. For example, the character is actually the Trooper from the Matinee Demo re-targeted to the Animation Start Pack.

Nice ! Are you doing the gameplay with BP or C++ ?

I am using Blueprints for this game.

**UPDATE: **I changed the texture/color on the player (if i can get the vertex cloth working I’d use the one with the leathers) and added the rifle but am having a few issues with the Aim Offset stuff but I’ll get that fixed hopefully soon.

What kind of gameplay are you doing with this? =) FPS shoot em up?

It’s a Third Person Shooter with some exploration added in for story. I am keeping the title and some other game play elements under wraps until I am closer to a playable version :slight_smile: Now if I could just find more time to work on it!