Correspondency versions of GitHub and Perforce

Hi there,

My company had the commercial license of UE4, the one that was downloaded from Epic’s P4 repository. But when the engine was released for the community in github, Epic recommend us to change the license to new one. Well this is my question: Is there any correspondence between the version 4.1 of the github repository between the January version of p4 repository? Is there any relation between versions.

Now a day, we have to integrate the game from the December version of p4, to the 4.1 version of Github. Do you have any recommendation?. Also we are working with Scaleform, but for the moment this middleware didn’t release any specific version for the github repository.

Thanks in advance

Ok, the answer is that UE4 April 14 version is approximately the same as the Github 4.1 (with hotfix 4.1.1).