Correct way to update Engine?

Hey, i was just wondering what is the actually correct way to update the engine if i’m downloading the source from github. What i do now is download the latest and just run the generator and setup.bat and let it redownlaod everything.

Though i’m sure that’s the cleanest way to do it, is there any way to just patch over an existing installation so i don’t have to re-download all the dependencies again? The most obvious way is of course to just paste over and redo the generate and setup, but i’m just curious what’s the recommended way to patch the engine.


If you not plan to submit any code to the engine, clone repository directly from UnrealEngine repository (without making fork as readme states) it makes updating a lot easier, then you just pull from repository latest commits and rebuild the project. Considering you saying “download” i kind of suspect you using download zip option, if you do that use git client instead

Here good front end for it:

When you pull from repository it will automatically download dependencies if needed

Awesome, thank you. Also when i said download i meant the dependencies it downloads when setup.bat is ran.

You don’t, the standard practice when starting development is to pick an engine version and stick with it throughout development and only update point releases IF there is a specific fix you require. I’m sure there’s some way to ‘painlessly’ update the engine but I’d really not reccomend it specially if you are in the middle of development.

If you really really must upgrade to a major version then download and compile the engine into a different folder (so you have both engines) and ‘move’ your changes and project over to the newer engine, making sure to keep backups of both your project and the engine your project uses.