Correct Root Motion Setup

Hi all,

Can anybody explain to me the correct way to get root motion functioning? I have been able to find very little useful documentation after a day or so of searching.

I have a root joint in maya that i’ve tried animating. Currently it follows the x value of the pelvis joint.

In game, with root motion enabled, the animation plays fully. however, the capsule only moves about 20% of the distance that the character moves, and then the character snaps back.

What is the actual logic of root motion and what needs to happen?


A few things to try:
-In the AnimBP, do you have Root Motion From Everything enabled?
-What happens when you play the animation in Persona? If root motion is properly configured, it should appear to be walking in place.
-What happens when you enable View>Process Root Motion in Persona?

Inside Maya:
The root bone is different than the master IK bone. You are supposed to move the character without the master IK bone (because it moves everything, as well as the root bone and it makes the animations harder to handle because you esentially need to make the animation without moving the character in the actual 3d space) and then, keyframe the root bone every frame.

Inside UE:
In the animation blueprint you need to have root motion enabled , as well as in the imported animation sequence. Enable only on montages if your game is multiplayer.
In persona tick show root motion proccessing as well as show bones. It should show a red line marking the movement of the root bone.

Root motion from everything is enabled, when it plays in persona it isn’t locked in place and moves with the animation yet when process root motion is enabled it moves correctly (with the additive position).

So, if i’m understanding you correctly, I need to have:

  1. Character skeleton
  2. A root that moves with the character
  3. A stationary master bone

Does the root need to be a child of the character or the other way around?

Take a look at the default mannequin setup. The root bone is the first bone in the hierarchy. And no, you do not need a master bone. Don’t try getting into custom rigs if you have not messed around and also extended a bit the basic skeleton.

It sounds to me like you have movement on the hips (or whatever your direct child of the root bone is). Try zeroing that out and see what happens. For root motion, you want the only forward motion to be on the root bone. Otherwise, you’re getting the forward motion twice (once from the root motion and a second time from the hips, and since this isn’t root motion it’s looping, hence the snapping back).